Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood brunettes

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood brunettes
Blonds are fun and redheads are mysteries, so what about brunettes? well when we think about brunettes, we think about famous beauties like, Angelina Jolie! she's hot and goddess like, and like some of our other fave brunettes, we envy her because there’s a dangerous cleverness about a hot brunette that will destroy any man, if they let her! but the problem is that the beautiful and talented brunettes of hollywood are many! stars like Nina Dubrev, Selena Gomez and natalie portman are all winning us over, but we can't decide... Who is our fave brunette right now? Click on the pics to see our top ten list of beautiful brunettes! which one is your fave? because nobody can resist a smart brunette over a dumb blond! right?

Angelina Jolie looks like a goddess, and really started our obsession with brunettes!
Selena Gomez is too cute

Vanessa Hudgens pink lips top ten brunettes black dress
Jennifer Lopez in black top ten brunettes
Kim Kardashian, leopard dress long hairs top ten brunettes pink lips diva hot
Megan Fox blue shirt black jeans brown bag long hair red lips green eyes top ten brunettes
Miranda Kerr red lips top ten brunettes red dress

Natalie Portman is a hot brunette

Nicole Scherzinger in black dress top ten brunette
Our fiery latina fave, Penelope Cruz!

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